Katie graduated from the University of Victoria in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Katie uses a research based approach to Kinesiology and regularly consults academic literature on exercise and rehabilitation sciences to ensure patients are receiving the most effective care.

Exercise is integral to musculoskeletal rehabilitation and healthy living in general. Katie is passionate about getting patients motivated to move and educating them on techniques that will allow them to stay active and well.

Katie integrates her background as a competitive runner and her continuing education to provide an empathetic supportive environment.

Continuing Education:
• 200 Yoga Teacher Certified
• Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery
• Yoga Dopa
• Trauma Informed Training

Whether you’re struggling with a nagging sports injury, car accident related discomfort, or looking for help with a home exercise program, Katie looks forward to working with you to get you back to doing what you love.

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Nikita completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria in 2020. Having experienced her fair share of sports, martial arts, dance, and occupation-related injuries, she understands how frustrating and debilitating pain can be and is eager to share her knowledge with her clients to help accelerate their return to play/work and improve their quality of life.

Any person can benefit from kinesiology. Whether you are a professional athlete, an office worker, or a full-time parent, correcting dysfunctional and compromising movement patterns by retraining and exercising functional movements that transfer to real-world activities is the key to life-long, injury/pain-free movement.

Nikita recognizes that pairing movement training (or active rehabilitation), a fundamental component of any rehabilitative treatment plan, with other therapeutic modalities can be extremely beneficial during recovery, especially for managing acute pain and/or chronic conditions. She looks forward to embracing the integrated multidisciplinary healthcare team setting at Fix Healthcare and referring to other modalities, as possible/necessary.

This passionate kinesiologist believes strongly in continued education and looks forward to taking courses to broaden her scope of practice. When she’s not at work, Nikita is likely cruising on her bike, dropping into outdoor volleyball games, experimenting in the gym, or reading up on current exercise and rehabilitation sciences in the sun.

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