COVID-19 Policy

Our Clinic Policy

We are excited to invite you to Fix for in-person treatments. We have been hard at work anticipating needs, following guidelines as they’ve become available, and implementing new policies to make sure that everyone’s experience at Fix is a safe one.

These are some of the changes we’ve implemented:

  • Installed glass partitions at our reception desks to allow for safe interactions and physical distancing.
  • Placed floor stickers at reception to make it easy to see where to stand to respect physical distancing.
  • Built in buffers between all appointments and reduced appointments to allow for thorough cleaning between patients as well as decreased flow in the clinic.
  • Rearranged our reception areas to accommodate 2 meters of physical spacing.
  • Reupholstered all clinic chairs with medical grade vinyl to allow for thorough cleaning.
  • We’ve streamlined the clinics to allow for thorough cleaning—no clutter here!
  • Set up hand sanitizer stations at both reception areas for our guests.
  • We’ve reviewed our policies and cleaning procedures together so we are a unified team.
  • All staff will self-check their own health before coming to work and will stay home if unwell.
  • Our therapists will continue to offer Telehealth (virtual) appointments for those who would prefer to stay home. It’s easy to use, we promise!
  • We’re keeping up to date with recommendations and guidelines from the Provincial Health Officer, WSBC, BCCDC and your practitioner’s respective colleges and making appropriate changes in response.
  • We’re using contactless payment and email for receipts rather than paper to limit contact.

We are asking for your support with our following clinic COVID policy:

  • You must call us to cancel your appointment (at no charge) if you are feeling unwell or if you have been in recent close contact with someone who was unwell. (Medical staff using PPE exempted.)
  • We have a mandatory surgical mask policy for both patients and practitioners. We will be asking all patients to wear surgical masks while in the clinic, both in the reception area as well as in treatment rooms. If you have a surgical mask, you can bring it with you or one will be provided to you. If you are unable to wear a mask, please call our reception team prior to your appointment.
  • Please complete our COVID pre-screening surveys that you will receive via email prior to your appointments.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in these challenging times. Thank you! We’re in this together!

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