COVID-19 Policy

Our Clinic Policy

We are excited to invite you to Fix for in-person treatments. We have been hard at work anticipating needs, following guideline changes as they’ve become available, and implementing new policies to make sure that everyone’s experience at Fix is a safe one.

  • Mask Policy Update Feb 2023: Masks are optional. If you would prefer that your practitioner wear a mask please let admin know. Some practitioners will continue to ask patients to wear a mask during treatment. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate accommodating everyone’s comfort levels.
  • Call us to cancel your appointment if you are feeling unwell or if you have been in recent close contact with someone who was unwell. (Medical staff using PPE exempted.)
  • Please complete our communicable illness pre-screening surveys that you will receive via email prior to your appointments.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in these challenging times. Thank you!

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