Get Better

Rehabilitate from Accidents and Injury

When you’re in pain from an injury or accident, such as a motor vehicle accident, you want to focus your time and energy on healing. That’s why our ICBC care is designed to be easy to access and manage. The therapies below are part of ICBC’s Enhanced Care Coverage program and feature both passive and active care, allowing you to find relief from pain and regain strength, mobility, and function.

What’s Covered

The following therapies are covered under ICBC care for the three months following your accident.

How to Get Started

Getting started on your path to rehabilitation is easy.

  • Choose a therapy

    Just choose one of the available therapies; each one has a different number of approved visits. No referral is needed.

  • Book your appointment

    Simply give us a call to book your first appointment and let us know that you have an ICBC claim. We have a simple online form for you to complete and we’ll do the rest for you. If you use this coverage and need more, we can help arrange an extension of care. Patient fees are low, and funding for supportive equipment such as foam rollers is available if needed.

  • Not sure where to start?

    Pick the therapy that makes the most sense for you, and our therapists are happy to make further recommendations.


Need more information about your ICBC coverage or our rehabilitative services? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to guide you.

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