Graduating from University of Victoria Kinesiology in 1998, I expanded my rehabilitation experience working in a multi disciplinary clinic geared towards WCB and ICBC related injuries as well as elite athletes. My career path took me into the field of disability management, where I applied my knowledge and experience assisting people regaining functional movement and returning to employment. Throughout the years, I have conducted physical demands analyses, functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments, workplace education, and occupational accommodations. My passion has always been in injury rehabilitation and education in healthy living, and eight years ago I discovered Pilates which has expanded my skills as a rehabilitation and functional movement therapist.

Every Body is unique. My approach to rehabilitation takes a holistic view of the mind, body and soul, focusing on an intuitive healing method where the connection is re-established to restore a complete inner and outer balance. My passion is reflected through the inspiration of self healing and self empowerment.

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Liam graduated from the University of Victoria in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Liam uses a research based approach to Kinesiology and regularly consults academic literature on exercise and rehabilitation sciences to ensure patients are receiving the most effective care.

Exercise is integral to musculoskeletal rehabilitation and healthy living in general. Liam is passionate about getting patients motivated to move and educating them on techniques that will allow them to stay active and avoid injury.

Liam also volunteers with a team of neuropsychologists to conduct research into concussion and executive function. This entails designing and testing the underpinnings of executive function; such as working memory, attention, emotion, and inhibition, as well as theoretical work into latent variables that connect these processes. Now, after playing competitive hockey for over 10 years, Liam takes part in recreational hockey, running competitions and weight training. He looks forward to seeing you at Fix!

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